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We also act as Material Procurement Outsourcing (MPO) Company, a concept completely designed and modelled by us wherein the end user or buyer can outsource their complete procurement process on a long-term contract at a fixed margin which includes sourcing of commodity, shipping, logistics and quality control process to ensure seamless and timely supply of raw materials as per the production schedule of the plant. We will take over the risk and responsibilities associated with the procurement of commodity right from loading onto the vessel at the port to delivery at the plant site.

Our clients

We sell commodities through our marketing business, we also source from third-party commodity suppliers in MENA Region.

We aim to keep long term relationships to build a vertically integrated business going forward to serve long term contacts in all our sectors.


We have an efficient and knowledgeable professional team of trading. At TASA Trading LLC we have traded tonnes of various commodities from metals & minerals to other commodities.

We have a strategic alliance with shipping companies, bespoke logistics support and timely chartered vessels if required to get competitive freight and support trade along with long term partnerships to build a vertically integrated business going forward to serve long term contracts.


Our operations and the vast range of their production depend on the quality materials, services, innovation and insights from our supplier partners.

We strive supplier diversity in building partnerships with suppliers and we provide an equal opportunity to all businesses that require our procurement needs.

TASA Trading LLC has built relationships with many diverse suppliers and buyers, and we continue to grow our network of supply partners, especially in large and sustainable supply contracts through business development opportunities.

The business & its strategies

Our expertise lie in services to the clients in the market. It has helped us to establish deep roots in the subcontinent region and this in return has helped us bring the best deals to our clientele and to keep them satisfied.

Our strategy is to focus on supplying the demand of the exquisite wide range of products such as hand carved furniture and carpets we have to offer thus responsibly meeting the needs of the fervent customers.

We work efficiently and focus on the important aspects of the business to avoid any unnecessary complications

Risk management

We aim to manage risks financially and operationally during the transportation of commodities around the world. We stress the values of accountability, responsibility and communications in all aspects of the business. Extra attention is paid during the transportation of commodities, shipping, cargo management, loading and unloading is overseen by our team together with independent inspection companies. All products in storage are continuously monitored.

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